Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lead, or get the lead out

First, I apologize for the title of this blog. I just couldn't resist.

The thing is, lots of people get confused about the word lead in its different pronunciations and meanings.

First let's review.
Lead (pronounced leed) often is a verb, present tense, as in Lead us out of the maze.
Lead (pronounced leed) can be a noun, as in, Take the lead since you know the route.
Led (pronounced led) will be a verb, past tense, as in I led them out of the maze last night.
Lead (pronouced led) can be a noun referring to a heavy metal, as in That table is as heavy as lead.

Most errors I've seen result from people thinking the past tense led should be spelled lead.

Or they know the difference but just don't realize they've typed the wrong word.

In any case, a quick review of one's writing will help avoid this error.